High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)


How often do you say: ‘I don’t have the time to train,’ or ‘I’m just too busy right now.’ This is usually a common justification for why many people can’t lose the extra pounds they’d like to. Here at SportsDock we believe that fitness does not have a destination, instead, it’s a way of life. Just 20 mins of exercise, three to five times a week is enough to improve your health and fitness. Some people think it’s easier to do nothing rather than a short workout, but we couldn’t disagree more. Remember: something is always better than nothing!

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is perfect for those who have limited time but would still like to get the best out of their training session. A HIIT session often consists of a warm up period of exercise, followed by three to ten repetitions of high intensity exercise, separated by medium intensity exercise for recovery, and ending with a period of cool down exercise. The high intensity exercise should be done at near maximum intensity. The medium exercise should be about 50% intensity. The number of repetitions and length of each depends on the exercise, but may be as little as three repetitions with just 20 seconds of intense exercise.

There are various forms of HIIT training such, as Spinning or Train Insane, which are all very effective and becoming increasingly popular. We offer HIIT exercise classes on our timetable, as well as, virtual reality spin classes.

Mondays and Tuesdays 6-6:30pm and Fridays: 7:30-8am.

Give it a go! It’s quality, not quantity that counts!


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