A sugary shocker…


A study conducted by Cancer Research UK has suggested that the average teenager will drink the equivalent to a bathtub full of sugar a year!

Data from the 2015 ‘national diet’ survey has been used to complete the study and discovered this very daunting statistic. The UK charity went on further saying that the majority of children consume far too much sugar on the daily basis, mainly through sugary drinks. What makes this more of a concern, is that these figures have increased since 2014 and keep rising.

Cancer Research suggests that a five-year-old child should only consume 19g of sugar a day, a 10-year-old no more than 24g, and teenagers and adults no more than 30g. However, if you consider that your average can of soda contains on average 25g of sugar, you soon start to understand the gravity of the problem.

The survey suggests that on average, children consume:

Pre-school children drink the equivalent of nearly 70 cans of fizzy cola a year.
Children aged four to ten drink the equivalent of 110 cans a year (nearly half a bathtub).
Teenagers drink more than the equivalent of 234 cans each year (a bathtub!).
(BBC New 22 November 2016)

What are the issues of drinking such high quantities of sugar? It all starts with dental hygiene, but there are other, very serious issues too. Figures from the 2014 Health Survey for England (HSE) show that 31.2% of children aged two to 15 were classed as either ‘overweight’ or ‘obese’. Therefore, the increase in obesity and the strong links to disorders such as type 2 diabetes, has to be of primary concern.

Cancer Research UK hopes that the Sugar Tax on drinks will impact on the worrying figures relating to children’s sugar intake. However, this is not the only source of sugar in children diets. This is recognised by organisations such as Public Health England, who are working with food businesses and retailers to decrease the sugar in their products.

If you need help or suggestion on what you are eating or how to understand food labels, sugar content etc, then please come and speak to the Fitness Team at SportsDock for helpful and friendly advice.


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